The REALITY of Pediatric cancer - Part One

Don't watch this video if you don't want to see or know the reality of pediatric cancer. The reality is this. I understand if you don't. So full disclosure. 

This is a video of a child who has technically finished the painful protocol that lasted almost 18 months and is now on a two year trial. 

This is one small part of what will happen over the next three days. 

This video is going to be part one of three - I plan on doing videos each day of what Cannon will endure during "scheduled scans". 

This is Cannon having SSKI. SSKI is medicine that will protect Cannon's organs as much as possible at this point in science before he is injected tomorrow with nuclear medication in preparation for yet another set of scans. More radiation to his tiny 3.5 year old body. 

Tomorrow, if I am allowed, I will video more. If I am not, well...

I am angry. 

I am angry tonight because I played with Sally and not Oscar as Oscar was taken from us at 5 years old by cancer.

I am angry that as I type this I text my dear, dear friend Nickelle whose child Ava is fighting relapsed neuroblastoma after enduring 18 months of horrendous treatment.

I am angry that I've lost count of how many times I've given Cannon that horrendous medicine. 

I am angry that tomorrow I will put him through more and even more the day after that.

I am thankful my son is alive.
Yes, I am!!!

I am using my anger and educating so that funds can be raised to change this insanity that is ravaging our children.

Did you know that pediatric cancer in children has risen 20 percent?

That today 250 kids died from pediatric cancer?

Am I angry that OUR government, our protector gives 4 percent of an entire $5 billion dollars to 12 types of kids' cancer and gives 12 percent to some single cancers? You bet I am! I am livid... 

So I won't stop.

To anyone who finds this offensive, GOOD. Because it's offensive to me that I have to endure three days of this with my child - just to keep him alive.

This video is mild. It's nothing compared to what he has endured in the past - but it's still WRONG...

Please help fund childhood cancer!!!!

Please donate to CKc to fund research. Or, if you don't want to support us, choose another charity like Alex's Lemonade Stand or CureSearch.

Our kids deserve better. I will fight till the day I die trying to make that happen.

No apologies for this post. It's written raw after being with the mother who buried her child a few months ago after he beat cancer three times. He died at age 5.



Written by Mumma-Bear

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