The REALITY of Pediatric cancer - Part Three

Disclosure: do not watch if you are easily offended or do not want to see the reality of pediatric cancer. This video is Cannon fasting for his scan and then being taken for his scan until he falls asleep.

Cannon has this done every three months.

This evening we will find out if Cannon is and continues to be NED. 

Sadly, it's NOT unusual for a child battling stage 4 neuroblastoma to relapse after a year or two NED. That's what's so terrifying to us as parents. IT COMES BACK.

I recall in the beginning I didn't know of or could find any kids that were NED and alive when Cannon was diagnosed. I told Cannon's doctor to introduce me to a longtime survivor, otherwise why would I put our son through the horrific pain of treatment?

She did.

Tyler is 10 years NED, an "A" student, star player on the football team, heaviest weight lifter in his high school and is only a freshman!

There is HOPE.

It's just sad you have to look so hard to find it!

I have clung onto Tyler's story and on days like today I keep it right in front of me!!

There is HOPE!

Some kids DON'T relapse! 

Sadly, TOO many do!

As hard as it is was to video this tiny three-part series, it NEEDED to be done. I have tears rolling down my face as I type. I knew I had to do these videos but it's not EASY!!!! 

I hope that some of you can understand what it's like even with a child NED. It's not pretty and research needs to be funded for it to change...

Please donate to pediatric cancer. If not to Cannonball Kids' cancer, another foundation that does research ONLY or primarily research. The two I vetted and met with their founders are Alex's Lemonade Stand and CureSearch! Both are dedicated to pediatric cancer research. 


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