11 Words...

I've never been so thankful to hear 11 words in my life. What a rough few days only to be finished with this. 

In Cannon's oncologist's words:

"Scans are perfect, blood work is perfect and urine is normal."

Can you hear me breathe easier? Can you hear Cannon giggle? I made this little video of pictures from the flight up to finishing up yesterday - the good times in between the misery - to celebrate. 

I want to take a moment and say happy birthday to my twin boys and my dad James Gray. 

My twins: I know ALL mums say this but can I really have been your mum for two years??? 

Cannon was diagnosed and ten days later I birthed those boys across the street. When I write those words it sounds like a movie from Lifetime LOL... drama, drama, drama.

It was a crazy time and now life has many more normal periods than not. When I say normal, I mean three in highchairs and 3 under the age of 4 and a teenage daughter, running a foundation and a husband who travels... so whatever "normal" is  LOL!

These few days in Michigan bring all the bad memories back. I even had a nightmare they told me there was nothing they could do for Cannon. Sadly, that's what many parents were told today and that makes me even more grateful for the 11 words we were told. 

Some parents just want to hear "stable scans" meaning NO MORE growth on the existing cancer. 

Like Amanda, Oscar's mum. Spending time with them was bittersweet. I loved seeing Sally and Amanda but I missed Oscar so much. If I'm honest, to deal with Oscar's passing I pretended in my heart it didn't happen. But it did, and seeing Amanda made it so real. Oscar will always be Cannon's first friend and he will always be in my heart as we fight this fight. 

Thank you to all who said they would pray and did. I believe they were not empty promises and that Cannon has the most fierce prayer warriors and supporters. So anyone who took time out of their day and actually prayed for Cannon - wow, I'm humbled. 

Cannonball Kids' cancer is just getting warmed up. We have a lot of work to do. I'm ready - our team is ready.

Please continue to pray for sweet Ava. Ava beat neuroblastoma for two years. For two years she was NED and now it is back. 

May I be so bold to also ask for prayers for Jasmine. She is battling DIPG and her options are limited. She is on a trial here and fighting to live. She is 6. Cannon was crying one night when I gave him his medicine and Jasmine cuddled up. She is a sweet little girl and I so enjoyed spending time with her. DIPG is terminal - children are usually given 9 months to 1 year to live. So as I played with Jasmine I wondered would she be alive our next visit? Would Cannon ever get a cuddle from her again? Would I ever watch her read a story to her baby again? She was diagnosed 8 months ago. 

Goodbye, Michigan.

I can't wait to get home. Although it will be late, I will get to tuck my babies into bed. 

I am
I continue to be
Thankful for the fight.

And so thankful for 11 little words.

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