365 NED. Book Release. 365 NED. Book Release.

Book Release. 365 NED. 

365 NED. Book release. 

Book Release. 365 NED. 

My head is spinning!

Ok seriously, could this day get any bigger?  

I read my blog from a year ago and it said "If I had one wish I would wish that a year from today my son is cancer free." Well, NED is as good as it gets (after 5 years NED, Cannon will be considered cancer-free)...

My wish came true!!!

PRAY BIG!!!!! GO BIG!!!! That's my motto. Ok, let's face it - that's one of my mottos....

Seriously... my son, my baby, our son, our baby is NED for 365 days baby!!!!! Typing these words makes my heart race faster, my mind flash and my mouth smile (no joke). I just want to go to the top of a mountain and scream "NED 365, NED 365, NED 365!"

To celebrate Cannon we are releasing our book... and we are celebrating him today as he fought so hard to live!!! That's the truth - he fought hard!! While we all prayed hard...

I say OUR book because seriously, the writing part - my part - was the easiest part of all. I am not over exaggerating (a character defect of mine) but thousands of hours have gone into this book. Thousands of hours volunteered by fathers and mothers, husbands and wives who carved out time from their extremely busy lives to make this book happen!! CKc is so blessed!!!

The first goal of the book is to make $25,000 that we will solely dedicate to cancer research for children. 

Here's some behind-the-scenes scoop for you: our team is SUPER frugal. We account for every dollar and cent and do NOT like to spend money. We would rather pour it into research for better treatments and ultimately a cure. 

How much do you think it cost to produce this book? So you have the author (no cost), photographer (no cost), graphic designer (no cost), editor 1 (no cost), editor 2 (no cost), digital uploading editors ($260). To PRODUCE our book we have done it for under $300. Can I get a high five on that?

We will be having a book signing and the date, time and location will be confirmed shortly. For those of you who live locally, we wanted to allow you time to purchase the book so you may bring it to the signing. 

The book is available worldwide and is being sold several ways. Our Foundation will make the most money if you purchase at the secure link below which is an Amazon-owned company. The book is sold there for $25 and we will make almost half that if you purchase this way:


It can also be digitally downloaded.


The book would make an amazing gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I have butterflies wondering if the book will be a success, but in true Mumma-Bear form I come to you with a twist on the famous quote...

"It's better to fail at trying something amazing than succeed at something average." 

Well, if anything, our team will try and if we fail, we will try again!!

But that said...

I'm praying BIG

I'm praying hard...

Oh, and doing all the footwork, too!

Please support pediatric cancer by purchasing our book. Everything raised goes to pediatric cancer research!!!

In the 11 months since CKc was founded, we have raised close to $100,000. Next month we hope to donate a $100,000 check to cancer research in children with brain cancer so please consider making a donation! We are now finalizing our next project and working on next year's goal for pediatric research. 

Go Big or Go Home....

It's been a ride and today we celebrate our Cannon and we will never stop fighting - whether it's books, or T-shirts, block parties, golf tournaments - whatever it takes!!!!

CKc is here to stay.

Thank you to everyone who is making this all possible from volunteers to donors - it's a team effort!!!!

I am 

I continue to be

Thankful For The Fight

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Thankful For The Fight

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