Laugh With Me - My Cold Cup Of Shut Up

Please just laugh with me. It isn't possible to have this bad of a morning, is it? You ready for this? No joke... this is really what happened:

Disclaimer - I had almost zero sleep last night - maybe 1 hour total. I got to sleep around 4am with Cannon being up and down all night and I wasn't feeling well, either.

So here goes:

1. Walk into twins room and poop over every inch of the wall, carpet, bedding - you name it!!! Picture that? Some of you have lived it. 

2. Gray comes up to me as I open the door and proceeds to point to all the poo and say "POOP, Mumma, POOP." (Yes I'm aware, buddy.) 

3. The poop is in all of Gray's nails and toes... don't ask me ??? I'm baffled...

4. Cannon, who hasn't pooped since he came out of the hospital: I go to take his diaper off, very flippant and unaware, and as I do, poop flies everywhere. All over the carpet, chair, and Cannon. I run to get something to clean it and Cannon is standing on it rubbing it into the floor. You still following?? Am I caught on a hidden camera TV show and they're going to jump out and say I've been punked?

5. I get all of the boys into the car at 815am and as I do, the door closes behind me. Oh yes, you guessed it - my keys are in the house... I'm locked out.

Finally, I get in house - thanks to my sweet Olivia.

I get in my car, rushed to get to school and I crash into my trash can at the end of my driveway. 

That was all by 830am...

Please tell me you're laughing? 

I called my dad and sister and I laughed at the insanity of my morning... it was either that or cry from exhaustion. 

Lord help me if I ever take myself or life too seriously.

As I type this I am at the doctor's office. I have so much pain in my chest like I have an infection. I guess my body is telling me to slow down - I really need to listen or I'm useless to everyone. Why is it so hard for mummas out there, me included, to take time to take care of ourselves?? I am so guilty of neglecting my own health and I would never do that to my kids or my husband. 

I tried to get a sitter tomorrow morning so I can rest a little. No such luck but maybe I will get antibiotics or steroids and feel better tomorrow? Hey, think positive, live positive.  ;)

I am bone tired...

But I am taking it hour by hour...

The struggle is so REAL. ;))))

To all the parents of children, dogs, cats or caregivers - it's a hard job we do... but it's the best job in the world, paid or otherwise. 

Have a great day!!

Cannon did great at the hospital today. I mean, minus four of us constraining him to get access to his port - the life of cancer kids. He is a fighter, I will give him that. Of course it's all my fault - I do this to him - it's okay, I can handle it! Someday he will thank me! Cannon keeps me right sized and makes me take a cold cup of shut up when I don't feel well. Cannon knows what it means to not feel well the truth is I have no idea. He is my hero.

Thank you to all the Warriors who think and pray for my Cannonball daily. 

I am 

I continue to be

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Thankful For The Fight

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