It Is NOT Okay!!!

Yesterday as I headed out the door with my husband, I took a quick glance at my Facebook feed and saw that three kids had died of stage 4 neuroblastoma, the same cancer that Cannonball was diagnosed with. One I knew and had met and spoke to her mother on many occasions. God bless your souls, little ones! 

I shut it off immediately. Sometimes I need to live in denial for a moment. I stuffed it down and tried to enjoy my dinner with my husband. But I teared up several times during dinner. How do mothers of kids who are NED live completely happily when not all mums and parents have the same joy??? Today I'm planning a party for my Cannonball who turns four on August 10th. I didn't know if he would make it to four. But other parents - no, they don't get that. They get to buy flowers for a funeral and bury their child. It chokes me up even writing those words! It's not right!!! No parent should bury their child. My grandmother buried my aunt, their daughter, from cancer! My two aunts buried their sons and my mother buried her son. 

But everyday, parents bury their kids with cancer! I saw three yesterday die from neuroblastoma and another five sets of parents also lost their child and are planning a funeral today! I am not okay with it and I know you're not! 

I have to somehow survive and fight! Trust me, I work hard daily at not feeling guilty that Cannon is alive and others aren't or are in relapse treatment! Unless you have lived in this world I am sure that sounds half crazy. Well, I never claimed to be your normal Scottish lass! 

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." ~ Steve Jobs

I know we can change this!!!! I know we can!!!! We can get survival rates to an acceptable number - 100 percent!!!! I will accept nothing less!!

Yesterday I watched President Obama's speech. I watched an African American president - that's right - talk about rights for same sex couples! The White House is being lit up in rainbow colors and for a moment envy poured into my heart and I wondered why Obama thinks gold in September isn't allowed after thousands of letters and protests asking for it. Then after a moment I realized not only does America have its first African American president but it also has same sex rights! Looking at the history of the USA no one 10 years ago would have believed this! But now...

That's what WE as a nation are able to do!!!! I believe America, UK,  Europe - we can change the face of pediatric cancer!!! We can!!!

"Nothing is impossible. The very word says 'I'm possible'." ~ Audrey Hepburn 

This is my favorite quote of all time!! Seriously!!! 

Let's do this people!! 

Let's change it so that 8 sets of parents don't bury their child from childhood cancer everyday!!!! 

Sorry for the rant!!!! I am sick of our kids dying! It's not okay and never will be to CKc.

I am 

I continue to be

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Thankful For The Fight

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