Highlight and Delete, Delete and Highlight... Home Sweet Savannah


We are home from a truly amazing adventure to Savannah, Georgia. 

Being away on vacation with kids is interesting. My advice to families is to know that a vacation with kids isn't really a vacation in the typical sense of the word. I like to call it our adventure! The definition of a vacation is "rest". I'm laughing as I type as I'm not sure my boys know what "rest" is and I'm pretty sure all you parents reading this feel the same. A vacation requires lots of planning, packing, traveling... it's work. 

I had a blast because I set my expectations. No naps and late nights - I knew my usual schedule would never apply and I didn't even try and make the boys nap. For this organization and schedule freak that's really quite progressive (laughing again). No really, it is! I'm the nap nazi in my house. 

We went to wildlife centers, did trolley tours, tried Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. We swam at 10pm, we ate cooked breakfasts everyday, we snacked and ate cookies. We jumped on the bed and ran up and down the halls. 

That's the good report...

Was there more? Sure, but what good is it telling you that one kid vomited on the drive, another called 911 from the hotel room, another locked himself inside the bedroom with no way to get out, another took a fit in the restaurant, and did I mention the 6am rises, little sleep and late nights?? 

My motto is "delete and highlight". As soon as my son was out of the locked room it was over - move on. I didn't dwell on it and text my husband or tell a friend. In fact, when my husband reads my blog he will hear about this for the first time. Why? Because he gets the good report! 

I highlight - the fact my youngest son swam for the first time, that Cannon said several sentences!!!

The power of words...

Words are more powerful than we give credit to. 

I challenge you to highlight and delete for the next few days. 

When your husband walks in the door and the kids have been terrible, delete the terrible part and highlight the good part. I guarantee your evening will be more fun and relaxing and will possibly have more smiles and laughter from those kids who made you crazy earlier that day! 

Sometimes we dwell on the circumstance and all of a sudden a molehill is a mountain and what wasn't a problem is now one. I truly believe in the power of prayer and the power of words. 

No negative words 

No complaining 

Oh I can, trust me.

Oh I have, trust me.

But I strive to do better!! Always to do better!

I'm working on another book called "After The Fight". It's about how to live with a child who has battled cancer. I confess the first year of NED was mentally challenging for me. The book is about not letting the years of treatment define our future; about not comparing one's child with their peers. Cannon has hair now so people don't stare at him like they used to but sometimes people stare at his hearing aids and/or his behavior and I just want to yell from the rooftops "You have no idea what he has been through!" This book is about not doing that. It's about not allowing cancer, the beast, to invade and ruin our future.

In my humble opinion cancer has done enough damage to my family. Now it's up to me how much I allow it to affect my future. 

I can dwell on crushing chemo pills twice daily for another year or I can focus on the fact that my son, whom has only been talking for four short months, is almost saying 5 word sentences. Now that's something to dwell on. Am I right?

Highlight and delete 

Highlight and delete 

I am 

I continue to be

Thankful For The Fight

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Thankful For The Fight

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