Be The Solution, NOT The Problem...

Last night I took an hour out to do some CKc work before our book event tomorrow. 

As I read the book, I relived some of it and wondered if it's healthy for me. Then I stopped, and realized this is way bigger than I am now and it's not about me, it's about helping kids. Not just any kids, but kids with cancer. 

Live in the solution, not the problem. It's not just a book... it's a solution. 

The solution is creating funds for research. 

The problem is kids cancer. 

So I need to live in the fact we are raising funds for research, not that my son fights a deadly disease! 

I hate to say this as I think I sound ungrateful but it's not my intention. My intention is to save kids like Cannon, Oscar, Ava and the endless list of kids I see relapsing every single day. An entire classroom of kids died today! Imagine tomorrow when you drop your kid off in his or her class and imagine that all of them represent the number of kids who will die today. Over 30 kids - just in one 24 hour period!!! Can you imagine burying your child? Many people reading this already have. So with these facts in mind, don't get mad at me for saying this:


I don't care if it's CKc. I care that it's research!! 

As our CEO says, "There is no room for egos in the world of pediatric cancer", and I know what I am saying bruises a few egos. Quite frankly, that's unfortunate, but not as unfortunate as the parent who is preparing for their child's funeral today.

So with that said...

Yes, yes, yes - foundations like Make-A-Wish are amazing! Yes, lots of kids get their dream fulfilled BUT...

What about the kid who dies because there are no trials and there is no treatment left for him or her? What about their dreams? Their dreams are gone because there are no funds to support the work that scientists do. Instead, the solution sits on a shelf in some dusty lab because the funds for that lab come from small private organizations like CKc who can't DO enough FAST enough. After visiting the science labs in Georgia my belly is full of fire!! I am on all four wheels and I'm steaming ahead! I feel more motivated than I ever have. I may have three little kids and a busy life but cancer does not wait and neither will I! Neither will CKc...

If we spent more dollars on research there would be less blankets, trips and school supplies needed for kids with cancer. Why? Because less kids would be fighting this monster!!!

The number of kids with cancer is RISING... not going down. But do you know what is truly going down? Funding!!!

The vast majority of research money comes from private foundations like CKc, Alex's Lemonade Stand, Band Of Parents, St. Baldrick's, CureSearch and family organizations. 

My painfully long-winded point is this: Please, when you donate to kids' cancer, please donate to an organization focused on research.

I can't reiterate it enough. It doesn't have to be CKc but to TRULY, I mean TRULY impact kids' cancer, funding needs to be directed towards research! 

My heart would love to go down to the local hospital and spend thousands on toys and books and treats as the kids with cancer, like all sick kids - deserve. But what if a child with no further options dies because I took the opportunity from them? Because I spent all my money on toys and not research? 

I know many families start organizations and help families personally. For some it would make their child happy, for some it helps the ache in their heart that cancer has tattooed on their souls. My blog is focused towards people who wish to start new foundations, who have foundations that don't know where to fund and towards the gracious contributor to this cause who isn't sure where or who to fund. I beg of you to please fund research. Please know I mean to disrespect to those doing other things. 

I digress...

FUNDING aside...

It's NOT just a book. It's so much more.

If Cannon has taught me anything, it's to dream big, go big, do big. He is no wallflower.

So in this battle, I cannot be one. 

I don't say this to brag but I have lost count of the number of personal emails I've received from people thanking me for the book, many who have not been effected by cancer which is truly amazing. 

Just the other day a grandfather emailed me that his granddaughter had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and he had read the book. He told me of how it helped him and gave him hope. 

Right there - that one email makes all the work on the book worthwhile! Just one person whose journey was made a little more comfortable. I don't need one million copies to sell, I need it to be in the hands of people who need it! That's what I want. 

Your child doesn't have to have had cancer to read this book but of course many families feel real solace in reading a story that ends like Cannon's. So many don't - especially with neuroblastoma - it brings a very real hope! Hope of survival. Hope of beating the nasty disease.

A year ago I was in a hospital library and posted a picture saying I will write a book and have it here for families. TODAY... our book sits proudly in that library. Cannon would want that! I know he would!

We donated books to several hospitals so that families can use them as a resource. Truly, that makes my heart so happy!!! Child life staff have told me it's so helpful that families are told the truth and it's not sugar coated. They thanked me for my honesty. Of course, not everyone will feel that way. Some don't want to know what it really looks like. My response is whatever works. No one can say what's right or wrong - this is such a personal journey. 

I personally mailed and wrote letters to celebrities whom I know have done things for kids' cancer asking them to continue donating. People like Taylor Swift, Ellen, etc. Maybe none of them will ever read it but maybe they will. That was motivation enough. 

I have huge dreams for CKc to fund so much research that I will lose count of the number of trials we will fund! That lives will be saved! That cancer in kids is a moot point.

The other day at the park I yelled "Cannonball" and this kid said to me "His name is Cannonball?" I smiled and said, "Yes, it is."

Yes... yes it is!

Little did I know when we chose his name what it all meant.

Cannon continues to Cannonball Kids' cancer. He swims, eats, pushes his brothers' buttons (I am trying hard not to laugh when he does it), cuddles our dog, loves taking pictures of himself and of course sings! He is my hero! He inspires me! When I am exhausted and I have CKc work to do I think of him.

I admire you Cannon!

Thank you for inspiring me to be better! Work harder and work better! I love you!!

Please come Saturday and support pediatric cancer research. All proceeds from the book are for research. The book was written by myself and produced by our volunteer-based Board. If you cannot make it Saturday, please purchase the book for yourself or as a gift from the link below.

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