Gold NOT Pink


Just so we are clear:

If you think I hate pink - you don't know me.

If you think I don't support pink - you don't know me.

If you think I won't walk pink - you don't know me.

If you think I won't wear pink - you don't know me.


You know this...

September is the month of Gold.

September is the month assigned to ALL 12, not one, all 12 primary pediatric cancers!

With that in mind, I RESPECTFULLY, not bitterly, not rudely, not with other intentions but with one intention (to cure kids of this beast)...

I plead with all breast cancer advocates that you do your incredible pink thing you do in October, the month assigned to your cancer.

Allow the 12 main types of kids' cancer the opportunity to catch up with your insanely awesome success at creating awareness that has created a historic rise in funding!!

Awareness = Funding = Cure

I believe we can do what you have done in kids' cancer, but not if year after year we are overshadowed by the breast cancer world that now takes up September through December, everywhere it seems.

Kids deserve their Mummas

Mummas also deserve their kids

I'm sorry if this post offends you, but pediatric cancer GREATLY offends me.

The treatments 

The survival rates

The side effects

So please, in September, keep social media profile pics gold. In fundraising, keep it gold! 

Please and thank you.


I am
I continue to be
Thankful For The Fight
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Written by Mumma-Bear

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