Day 10 - Children's cancer Awareness Month


This is Michael. Today is Thursday and Cannon and his brothers will have a morning at their wonderful little preschool in our neighborhood, St. Vincent's Academy. Every morning when the kids have school, there is a ritual to get them ready that is like so many across the world --- wake, breakfast, clean-up, clothes, pack lunch, comb hair, brush teeth, etc. With 3 boys age 4 and under, it is organized chaos.   

In our home, we have one additional step for Cannon. We put in his hearing aids and clip them to the back of his shirt for the morning so they stay in and he doesn't lose them. Cannon lost his hearing to Cisplatin and Carboplatin, two chemotherapy agents he was given during treatment for neuroblastoma that cause permanent damage to a child's ability to hear. A disability for life caused by inferior treatment for children with cancer because there is no alternative or therapy specifically developed for infants and children with cancer.  

Don't misunderstand; we are grateful to have the ability to put hearing aids in Cannon's ears every day. Many parents who have unjustly lost their child to cancer would love to have that opportunity. The point is that Cisplatin and Carboplatin were developed for adult forms of cancer, and their side effects on children are debilitating for life. All caused by a lack of alternatives because not enough research and development has been dedicated to cancers found in children.

Three out of five children who survive children’s cancer suffer long term or late side effects such as infertility, heart failure, heart damage, secondary cancer, lung damage, hearing loss and/or growth defects. 


Melissa and I continue to receive daily messages from those that have taken these facts or those from other sources promoting Children's cancer Awareness Month and given presentations or shared with groups or just sent them by email to as many as they could. We have learned of so many people who have shared Cannon’s story and ours and all the parents’ plea to raise awareness so that someday, someday, there will be no more cancer in children and that this disease will not inflict the loss and pain so unfairly, unjustly and unnecessarily to so many children. Thank you for these efforts.

Again, if anyone would like the list of children's cancer facts, please email me at There is plenty of time left in the month to do good for all these kids. And, please, continue to promote viewing of the short film The Truth 365 at and its Facebook page thetruth365.  

Help us at Cannonball Kids' cancer by making a donation today at Your donation goes directly towards funding pediatric cancer research trials. Only research and development through trials and bench to bedside work will stop this madness. We believe we can do it. Thank you for helping us in any way you can.