Capitol Hill Meetings


Finally back at the hotel. Overwhelmed, if I'm honest. 

We left today with a to-do list, a return visit in January scheduled, future plans to host an advocacy education conference with our Lobbying team and lots and lots of blisters - darn heels! ;)

Nothing happens overnight in Government but the nice thing is, they know our cause and they know the Foundation so we are gaining traction towards more funds and many other things. Getting our face in front of the right people is a huge part. We are so thankful for Will Nordwind and Megan Malone, 2 lobbyists from Venable LLP who have been leading us to the right people at the right time. We are so thankful for the work they do to help us achieve what's needed to change the statistics for our babies! Being a young foundation in its early stages, we would not be able to afford their expertise, so their gift of this pro bono work will have more of an impact than we can express.

As my amazing husband says,  "cancer in children is unfair, unjust and unnecessary."

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Thankful For The Fight

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