Day 27 - Children's cancer Awareness Month


This is Michael. On Friday, Melissa wrote a post on this page which outlined all of the issues that challenge Cannon still, even though he is "no evidence of disease" (NED) for over a year. These are all challenges caused by the treatments he endured (yes, endured) after his diagnosis of stage IV high risk neuroblastoma. I have tried to spend my time in writing posts to educate about the therapies children receive when diagnosed with cancer:  the fact that almost none are developed for any of the cancers, let alone children; the fact that most make the child terribly ill and prone to life-threatening infection; and finally, and most devastating, that some children will not survive these barbaric and harsh treatments (the child actually dies from the TREATMENT, not the cancer) and that EVEN if they do, they will face a life full of side effects.   

Unnecessary. Wrong. Shouldn't be. This is why our only goal at Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation is to fund research to stop this madness.

Childhood cancer Awareness Fact:  On average, there are five people that die per day as a result of the side effects caused by treatment received by them as a child for cancer.  Heart damage, lung damage and secondary cancers are the most common side effects that cause early death to those that are fortunate enough to survive the initial childhood cancer. 

Source: PAC2,

I want to be clear about the fact today. The five that will die today, tomorrow, the day after and every day this year are IN ADDITION to those children dying daily from children's forms of cancer. These five are dying at some point in their post-cancer life because of the side effects of the outdated and ridiculously harsh treatments they received while the cancer was still in their body. Why? Because better and more effective methods do not exist for children. They do for adults, but not for children. Fair? Just? Moral? Is an adult's form of cancer more important because more of the population experience it? You decide. It is the choice that is being made every day, and has been for years, by our government, our political leaders, our medical research facilities, our hospitals and our educational institutions.   

CKc believes that private funding of research will ultimately be the key to curing cancer in children and relieving the suffering of children to archaic and antiquated treatments. However, we will never relieve the government of its responsibility to our most vulnerable population just because it has not done the right thing in the past or currently. Help us at Cannonball Kids' cancer by making a donation today at Your donation goes directly towards funding pediatric cancer research trials. Only research and development through trials and bench to bedside work will stop this madness. We believe we can do it. Thank you.