Day 29 - Children's cancer Awareness Month


This is Michael. We are getting close to the end of the month, which means we close out Childhood cancer Awareness Month and head to October and Breast cancer Awareness Month. We already see the pink and the preparations to educate and make aware about this devastating adult form of cancer. As Melissa and I have stated before (and I am sure I speak for other parents and advocates for children with cancer), we are admittedly jealous of the breast cancer movement and we hope someday to make the same strides for children in the cancer world that have been made for women. Early detection, more therapies, more research, more funding, drugs designed specifically for our children's forms of cancer --- all of these have been accomplished by the breast cancer community and they have done a great job. We want to do that for children.

Children's cancer Awareness Fact: Dr. Eugenie Kleinerman, head of the division of pediatrics at Children Cancer Hospital at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston stated that “Curing childhood cancer is the equivalent of curing breast cancer in terms of productive life years saved.” When children die of cancer they are robbed of growing up, marrying, having children of their own, creating something beautiful the world has never seen, or even discovering a cure for cancer.  


Please help Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation make the general public more aware that children get cancer, too. That children suffer painful and debilitating conditions from the years-old methods of treatment of cancer designed primarily for adults, not them. And that children are dying every day from cancer. Tell someone in line at the grocery store, ask your children to do a project in school on kids' cancer, or send a link from Cannonball Kids' cancer, St. Baldrick's, Alex's Lemonade Stand or CureSearch to all of your friends and those on your email list. Doing so will ultimately increase funds to charitable foundations in small, but sometimes big, ways. Increase in funds to charitable groups and foundations means more and broader research into why children's cancer occurs and trying to find a cause, and in the interim, less painful and more effective treatment so that kids currently suffering from cancer have a better chance to live to be an adult and don't ever have to know the experience of chemotherapy or a stem cell transplant. 

This can be done. Please --- in honor of all the children lost to cancer every single day and to honor the pain suffered in the hearts of families who have lost a child, a sibling, a niece or nephew, grandchild or godchild to cancer --- help us make people aware that cancer strikes children and we need help to fund more research to bring an end to it.

Please help Melissa and me and all the parents of kids with cancer, living and now in Heaven, to raise awareness so that someday, someday cancer in children will not exist. I will repeat again and say it every day about cancer in children:  It is wrong. It is unjust. It is unnecessary.