Day 9 - Children's cancer Awareness Month


This is Michael. Today is Wednesday, and every day of September, I prepare a post and it makes me think of "What more can I do for children's cancer?" or "How can we do it faster?". I know the pain and misery that continually exists for children treating for cancers found only in babies, infants and toddlers. I've seen the anguish of parents that have unjustly lost a child to cancer, and I have seen tears stream down a child's face that has walked out of a sibling's hospital room. CKc is dedicated to funding research to stop all of this. Perhaps I will never see the goal reached in my lifetime, but that will never be an excuse to stop trying. As Jay Scott of Alex's Lemonade Stand once said to me, "One never knows which dollar will be the one to cure children's cancer". I do believe it will happen.

The objective of Childhood cancer Awareness Month is to put a spotlight on the types of cancer that largely affect children, survivorship issues, and - importantly - to help raise funds for research. 

In 2012, September was proclaimed Childhood cancer Awareness Month across the US, along with this statement:
"The causes of pediatric cancer are still largely unknown, and though new discoveries are resulting in new treatments, this heartbreaking disease continues to scar families and communities in ways that may never fully heal. This month, we remember the young lives taken too soon, stand with the families facing childhood cancer today, and rededicate ourselves to combating this terrible illness."

Awareness fact for today:   The cancers that affect adults are well known --- breast, lung, prostate, skin, colon, pancreas, etc. Other than a cancer shared with adults (leukemia), how many of us had heard or know about the cancers suffered by kids ---neuroblastoma, Ewing's sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, Wilm's tumor, osteosarcoma, lymphoma, medullablastoma, retinoblastoma and others? Child cancers are not linked to lifestyle factors (example: smoking) or environmental factors like adult cancers, and little can be done to prevent them. Children's cancer is the leading cause of death of children and EVERY YEAR takes from us more kids than AIDS, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and congenital anomalies COMBINED.

I want to reiterate the last point:  if one were to add the numbers of all those sadly lost to AIDS, heart and lung anomalies, congenital birth defects, childhood asthma and childhood diabetes --- add them all up --- that number does NOT exceed the number of children lost to cancer every year. This is certainly not to say that any child lost to another type of disease or birth defect is worth less than a child lost to cancer ---absolutely not. It is to say that for years, cancer has been the number one killer of our children by disease and LITTLE has changed. It was the number one killer of kids 20 years ago and it still is. Why? Why has breast cancer gone from 50-60% survival rate to nearly 90% and neuroblastoma still has only a 50-55% survival rate? Why does DIPG have a less than 10% (not a typo --- that is 10 as in "ten") survival rate??   

We need you! Help us at Cannonball Kids' cancer by making a donation today at Your donation goes directly towards funding pediatric cancer research trials. Every donation counts! Thank you!

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Please watch this video and support Childhood cancer Awareness Month. Go Gold in September.