End of Childhood cancer Awareness Month

Please read this important last post for Childhood cancer Awareness Month.

Written by Michael and Melissa Wiggins

This is Michael. Today is the last day of Childhood cancer Awareness Month. I am sorry to see the month end. Not because I don’t want breast cancer to have its awareness month in October or because other causes and charities don’t deserve to be recognized, but because our children deserve more. We try every September to educate and make aware, as many people as we can, of the struggle that parents and advocates for children have every day to try to improve treatments for children with cancer. The hope is that by funding more research, by helping more young medical students, fellow and interns, by asking our government leaders to fund pediatric cancer research at the National Institute of Health, that less and less kids will have to go through the absolute hell of cancer treatment and ultimately, we will find a cure for cancer in children.

I will write this post today and then step away from posting and writing on the CKc page and social media sites. I will continue to advocate and speak about why CKc so passionately believes that we must right a societal wrong, but Melissa, Ashley, Debra and many others in our organization are more diplomatic about this subject and frankly do a better job. I suppose it is part of my DNA to go as hard as we can for what we believe is the right thing to do and to not apologize or worry about people’s feelings when it comes to justice for children that are dying. I think many of the nurses at the hospitals where Cannon was treated would agree that my diplomatic skills when it came to Cannon’s treatment and what he endured were absent.

In our book, “Thankful For The Fight”, there is a piece I wrote that pretty much sums up what Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation is all about. In less than 10 sentences, it explains the passion we have for finding a cure and less painful treatments for kids diagnosed with all 12 types of cancer found in children. I will let it be our last set of facts for Childhood cancer Awareness Month:

“Melissa and I have seen it all, and I nearly shake in anger and my eyes well up when I see my son suffering yet again, from an IV needle that has come out and has to be replaced, or his nausea from receiving multiple medications, or his eyes rolling back from so much morphine to shut off some of the pain, or when I contemplate the fact that he has not eaten a single crumb since Sunday night because he feels too ill to do so, or I see him stumble on his feet because his legs have no strength after lying in bed listlessly for days.

THIS is the world of kids’ cancer. This is it. It’s not kids with bald heads holding balloons, a stuffed animal or a toy and smiling. It’s just not, and perhaps the reason why kids’ cancer gets so little attention in our world is because most would like to have it painted this way.

Never forget, every day parents bury children lost to cancer. Every day when you are getting ready for work, your day, school or an adventure, there are others also dressing and preparing, but to attend the funeral of their child, the average age of eight… dead and gone forever and so unjustly and, in our opinion, needlessly. It is wrong. Please help Melissa and me continue this fight.” (May, 2014)

Mumma Bear here...

This is my ASK on the last day of Childhood cancer Awareness Month.

Please help us end this year by funding another trial! I get it - we already funded three, but we want one more! Help us help save kids with cancer! One more trial could potentially help 15 more kids... 15! That's a kindergarten class, guys. The average age of death for kids with cancer is 8!

We not only want to create hope in families so that no one hears the words "there are NO MORE options for your child", but we want to create hope for clinical oncologists who are working on cures! We have Request For Applications (RFA) that need funding at CKc! We can fund them after the Gala next year, but what about the 45 new kids diagnosed TODAY?! Or the 7 that will be buried today? What about them? We don't have time on our hands! These kids DON'T! Doctors who have ideas and solutions to the current pediatric cancer situation NEED FUNDING to create HOPE! With your help we could potentially help 15 kids and their families not be told to go home on hospice and instead be given hope through a groundbreaking trial.

I appreciate that funding clinical research isn't sexy and that you don't get to feel and touch it or have your name on it, BUT I promise nothing you can touch can get any closer to a cure for kids dying of cancer than this. Nothing!

Research is the key!

Our goal between now and December is to get $75,000 so we can call the oncology researchers and tell them their trial has been funded so they can start enrolling kids - TODAY!

If you feel compelled, please consider sending a check to P.O. Box 547797, Orlando, FL 32854 or donate online at http://www.cannonballkidscancer.org/donate-to-ckc/

Let's start saving lives - together - today!

Thank you.