Treatments Actually Cause Cancer?

Written by Michael Wiggins

This is Michael. On the second to last day of Childhood cancer Awareness Month, I would like to discuss the effects of treatment received by children diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer. It is true that there are 375,000 estimated adult survivors of a form of pediatric cancer. They are all not here for 2 reasons: 1/ “Survivorship”, as discussed in a prior post, is only measured in a five year term, meaning that one that survives five years after diagnosis is considered a “survivor”. We personally know several children needlessly and unjustly lost to pediatric cancer that died well beyond their five year anniversary of their diagnosis date; and 2/ many of them have died from the side effects of having the harsh and archaic treatments afforded children with cancer.

Did you know that 60% of children who do survive their cancer and do survive the barbaric treatment suffer side effects such as infertility, heart and/or lung damage, hearing loss and secondary cancers? That’s right, secondary cancers. If there is one thing that hits the ball out of the park with respect to why research is so necessary to find new and improved methods of treatment for children with cancer is this: the current treatments available to kids with cancer themselves cause cancer!! Can you believe it? The treatment CAUSES another form of cancer to develop... and we are losing more children unjustly and unnecessarily.

Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation is dedicated to funding research to find and develop less painful and more effective treatments for children with cancer. To find and develop treatments specifically designed for those cancers found only or primarily in children. And to find cures for pediatric forms of cancer. If you are able, please help us by visiting Thank you.

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