Exciting CKc Leadership Announcement


To: CKc Community


From: Melissa Wiggins


Date: October 3, 2016


Subject: A Very Exciting CKc Announcement



Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation is at an exciting crossroads! As we approach the end of year two of our nonprofit status, we have choices to make. We can be a small, local foundation funding a few trials every year or we can become the national pediatric cancer research giant that I KNOW we can. But that means change, so we are changing up our team in order to accommodate our growth. For this reason I am stepping down from CKc's Board and taking on the role of leading our foundation to that national foundation status that can impact pediatric cancer in the way we want and need it to. Effective December 1, 2016, I will be the Executive Director at Cannonball Kids' cancer. This is a great transition point now that Cannon has completed treatment which will allow me to step into this exciting role. Along with my legal training and background as a lawyer (solicitor), I have been training with the Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership and I am ready to take on this challenge!


On a personal note, Cannon kicked cancer's ass and I plan on following in his footsteps by traveling the US to find innovative, less toxic, less painful clinical trials for the kids battling. Our programs include education and we have seen some major fruits of our labor this year, most notably the impact on the Buster and Kristen Posey Foundation and their brave and mighty goal to hit pediatric cancer out of the park - which they will do! Our mission remains pure and simple - educate to eradicate. Let's educate and encourage change and fund clinical trials!


This past weekend, the Board voted on this change. I want to be accountable because when people donate or invest in CKc, I want them to know I am working hard to deliver!


Michael, who is a founding partner in his law firm at McDonald, Toole and Wiggins and has been a managing partner for 6 years, will lead our Board as Chair. Technically, this makes him my boss. If that doesn't show my dedication to pediatric cancer I don't know what will! Seriously though, not only is he a nationally recognized litigator and speaker, he is an incredible leader and his passion for this cause is unparalleled. I couldn't be more thrilled to have him be our leader.


Our current CEO, Ashley VanDerMark, singlehandedly got CKc off of the ground while Michael and I focused on Cannonball's treatment. She will now take lead on the Board with Michael as Vice Chair. She is dynamic and brilliant and with her by Michael's side developing the Board I know CKc will stay on mission and be sustainable for the long term. Aside from Michael and myself, no one understands and fights for our core mission more than she does. CKc is extremely lucky to have this extraordinary community leader.


So it's change... but it's good change! Great change, in fact, because it's for the betterment of our foundation.


My commitment to you, the investor, volunteer and supporter of CKc, is that if at the end of 2017 I have NOT delivered, I will step down immediately! We pride ourselves on transparency and accountability and will do whatever it takes to fulfill our mission. Quitters never win and winners never quit and I plan on winning for the kids battling and taken by cancer!


I believe I can do this! I am ready to lead CKc into 2017 for its most successful year thus far!