Team CKc Courier for February 12, 2016

Hello CKc Community!

It's a "bonny" day here in Orlando! We hope you are having a beautiful day, as well! We have been testing out our Scottish phrases while Melissa has been in her homeland of Scotland the past two and a half weeks. We miss our dynamic co-founder and wish her safe travels home this weekend along with Cannon and the twins, Gray and Arran.

Cannon and his twin brothers, Arran and Gray, representing Orlando City Soccer Club at the Glasgow Science Center.

Cannon and his twin brothers, Arran and Gray, representing Orlando City Soccer Club at the Glasgow Science Center.

Melissa has been busy making contacts in Scotland to further the mission of CKc in Scotland and the UK. Melissa has been giving speeches and meeting with heads of schools and hospitals to help spread the word for the need for funding pediatric cancer research.

Melissa will provide more in-depth updates upon her return. Here are a few highlights from her trip, since our last update:

Melissa met with human biology students at Irvine Royal Academy to help inspire hopeful future doctors and students interested in pursuing medical careers about how they can help further pediatric cancer research.

Dundonald Links Golf Course hosted Melissa and they had a great meeting discussing their annual Cannonball Kids' cancer charity golf tournament, our biggest annual fundraiser in the UK! Thank you to the dedicated staff at Dundonald Links for working so tirelessly to make this such a fabulous event each year!

Melissa met with the Head of Admissions and Head of Alumni Relations at her alma mater, Glasgow University Law School, and will be working with them to help share her story and the mission of CKc to the school and alumni.

The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow hosted Melissa for a second time during her trip to Scotland. She was able to strengthen relationships with the head of the Pediatric Oncology Unit, Brenda Gibson, and the hospital business manager, Coral Brady. Melissa was joined by Guy Redford, who helps facilitate CKc events in Scotland. There is definitely more good news to come of this relationship with the hospital and their foundation. 

Melissa and Team CKc are so thankful for everyone who took the time to meet with Melissa in Scotland and opened their ears and hearts to learning about CKc and our mission to help develop better treatments and cure children's cancer!!

St. James Cathedral School in Orlando once again provided us with very special cards to distribute to kids fighting cancer. The school has adopted the CKc Card Club as lower-school activity for the year. We know these cards are sure to bring love to some special kids.

Lastly, we would like to recognize the two newest sponsors of our inaugural Gold Gala fundraiser in April. We are so excited to have your support!

It is not too late to become a Gold Gala corporate sponsor! Please email if you are interested in receiving sponsor package details.

Until next time!