Team CKc Courier for March 21, 2016

Hello CKc Community!
Spring…the season always holds so much promise of new beginnings and fresh starts. Isn’t it great to have a time each year that reminds us we can change, that we can do something better than the last year? A time that gives us hope for improvement in our lives?
Team CKc is driven by the hope that we, too, can do things better each year and improve upon our mission of funding high-impact clinical trials for pediatric cancer. We’ve gone back to school, we are lobbying in Washington D.C., we are hosting our inaugural Gold Gala and more, all in the hopes to raise more money than ever to fund critical life-saving trials now. If you are considering making new changes this year and are driven by the hope that you can make a difference, please consider making a donation to CKc today and know that you are making hope possible for a child with cancer. Hope that better treatments can become available. Hope for a life without cancer. Hope for a life without lifelong side effects. We need you to accomplish our mission. Together, we can find a cure.

Our update for this week includes some great events in which we were able to participate. Last weekend, Melissa flew to New York to be a surprise guest speaker at a gala event honoring Steven and Robin Epstein. It was a privilege for Melissa to be able to thank the Epsteins in person for their role in Cannon’s journey to fight cancer. Steven flew his private plane to Orlando to transport Cannon and Melissa from Orlando to Philadelphia so he could have proton radiation following his stem cell transplant. He was too fragile to travel on a commercial airline. Steven had never met them before, but he selflessly offered his services in a time of need. There are hundreds of people who have impacted the Wiggins family during Cannon’s journey, and it was a special opportunity for Melissa to be able to go back and honor Steven and Robin for helping their family.

As a part of the gala event, a signed copy of Melissa’s book, "Thankful For The Fight” was offered for the auction and it sold for $1,800 to a very special lady! The money from the sale of the book was donated directly to Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation! Thank you, Alyssa for helping us fund research!

This week, Melissa and Michael, along with Cannon, Arran and Gray, participated in Arnie’s March Against Children’s Cancer for Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando. The annual event takes place during the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Country Club. The Wiggins family and hundreds of others marched along the golf course to raise money for pediatric cancer research at the hospital. The hospital is where Cannon is treated and undergoes scans locally. Hopefully, you were able to catch Melissa being interviewed on Channel 9 News during the event! The Wiggins family had fun supporting a hospital that has played a significant part in Cannon’s journey.

We proudly participated in a school-wide CKc Card Club event at Park Maitland School in Orlando. Members of Team CKc got to speak to 600 energetic and eager students to share facts about pediatric cancer and why making cards for kids with cancer is so important. The event was developed and organized by a student at the school. Griffin, we are so impressed with your spirit to help others and for your leadership in making this event happen! Park Maitland rocks!

We also received another great batch of cards from St. James Cathedral School in Orlando, as they continue to support the CKc Card Club as a school-wide service project for the year. Thank you!

Looking forward, Ashley and Melissa are working with our legislative team in Washington D.C. to determine the most impactful agenda for their upcoming trip to Capitol Hill. Their days will be spent meeting with lawmakers and their aides to help bring awareness and action to the need for funding pediatric cancer research.
With our Gold Gala just over month away, the sponsorships are rolling in!! Thank you to our newest sponsors:
Women’s Care Florida ObGyn Specialists – Premium Sponsor
XL Soccer World Orlando, L.L.C. – Gold
Grounding Roots – Gold
Bowen, Miclette and Britt Insurance – Silver
Bill Ray Nissan – Silver
Jimmy Hinton Jr.  - Silver
Lake Mary Pediatrics – Bronze
Jim Campbell – Bronze
Brett and Karen Lucas – Bronze
Michael H. Echols – Bronze
R. Michael Kennedy & Richard W. Kennedy, LLC - Bronze
Kelly Partain - Pewter
Bruce Gordy DDS - Pewter
Maria Basso – Pewter
Keiron – Butterfly Release Sponsor for Gold Gala
The deadline of April 1st is fast approaching for sending in Corporate Sponsorship applications. Click here for more information on how you can help us fund research and be an important part of the Gold Gala.
Thank you for your support!
Until next time,