Team CKc Courier for May 16, 2016

Hello CKc Community! 

We continue our forward momentum in the fight against childhood cancer! We are inspired by children such as Trevor and Emmi Grace and many others, who desperately need our help to open doors for new treatments and possible cures through funding research. 


Our team was devastated by the recent loss of Trevor, our sweet eight-year-old friend who passed on April 30, 2016, following a third relapse of rhabdomyosarcoma, a pediatric cancer that originates in skeletal muscles. Members of Team CKc were in attendance at Trevor's funeral on May 7. The touching ceremony included bagpipers and a butterfly release. You can believe that this experience has only increased the fire in Team CKc’s belly to put an end to the suffering and loss of precious, innocent children such as Trevor. Trevor, we WILL help fund a rhabdomyosarcoma trial in your memory. We WILL continue fighting. We only wish we could have made a difference for you, too.  

Emmi Grace

We are asking for prayers for another sweet little friend – four-month-old Emmi Grace. Cancer knows no age! Emmi Grace was diagnosed when she was just three-and-a-half months old. She has a difficult battle in front of her as she fights ATRT, a rare cancer in her brain and spine. What compounds the fight is that at just four months old, she can’t swallow pills or take medications via traditional methods. This is actually a widespread issue on fighting pediatric cancer for the littlest fighters. They often get rejected for trials because of their inability to swallow medications. It is infuriating. CKc is working on changing this reality, in honor of Emmi Grace, and we hope to have good news to share in the near future. To follow and support Emmi Grace’s journey, visit her family’s Facebook page: Emmi Grace’s Angels – A Fight Against ATRT Brain Cancer.

2015 CKc Immunotherapy Trial Update

The immunotherapy trial we helped fund in 2015 with your donations has now enrolled nine children! Your donations have helped to provide hope to nine children with relapsed brain cancer and nine sets of parents who may have heard the words no parent wants to hear… “There is nothing more we can do for your child.” Great news: One little boy on the study was unable to walk when he started the trial. He was brought in to the hospital via a wagon. We can report at this time that this little man is now jumping into ball pits and having Nerf gun fights with his siblings! This is why we do what we do. This is why we won’t give up!! This is why every donation is important. We can’t fund research without you!!

Gold Gala 2017

Believe it or not, we are already putting plans in motion for Gold Gala 2017!! We set the bar pretty high raising $150,000 at our inaugural event last month, but we know each year will be bigger and better!! And bigger and better means more funding for research!! We are currently reviewing dates for next spring. Of course, we will announce the date soon as we confirm. We want to say thank you, again, to our amazing chair and co-chair and the event committee who orchestrated our inaugural Gold Gala event. We couldn’t be more proud of you!! Thank you!!

Hackers for Hope Raises $25,000 for CKc

We also had some great news in the form of donations! Hackers for Hope, a group that hosts an annual charity golf tournament in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, raised $25,000 for CKc!! Hackers for Hope have supported us for a couple of years now, and we are thrilled to continue to grow our relationship with them! Michael and Melissa will have the honor of attending and speaking at their event in Connecticut this September. Thank you, Hackers!!! 

Morgan Stanley - Downtown Orlando Supports CKc

CKc also was honored to receive a $1,400 donation from Morgan Stanley – Downtown Orlando branch. The office selected CKc as their charity focus for Q1 and the employees were able to raise the money through creative fundraising ideas and personal donations. Michael was able to attend a staff meeting and give them an update on the progress being made at CKc due to donations such as theirs. This is the second year the Morgan Stanley – Downtown Orlando branch has raised money for CKc. Thank you!!

Until next time,