September: Bloom Where You Are Planted

SEPTEMBER: Bloom Where You Are Planted

Written by Mumma-Bear

This block of wood sits in my window where I read every morning. It's 6 a.m. and it's so quiet. My husband is rustling his newspaper in his office. Hudson, our new puppy, is cuddling at my feet. It's dark. So dark outside! I love it. It's my 30 minutes of me time each day and I enjoy every sliver of it, almost as much as chocolate covered popcorn. (Thank you to my friend who recently introduced me to the mere gluttony of that.)

I hope that by the end of September that Michael and I have educated you to what pediatric cancer looks like not only as Founders and Leaders at Cannonball Kids' cancer (CKc), but as parents who lived it and have witnessed the front lines, battled death and won!

WE are ready to bloom where we are planted! Are YOU?

IF YOU DARE, follow us this month! Read, share and educate your friends and family! Awareness = Research = Cure! Help us solve the NUMBER ONE KILLER OF CHILDREN BY DISEASE by educating those around us. This you can help CKc with.

September is the designated awareness MONTH for pediatric cancer!

Who will join me for a month of blogs? Write your name below! Commit to reading them every day. Commit to sharing that pediatric cancer kills more kids than most pediatric diseases COMBINED!

Each day will not necessarily be just facts about pediatric cancer but life lessons. Things that have changed us, motivated us, inspired us!

I hope you enjoy!

Much love, Mumma-Bear

Bloom Where You Are Planted

In today's society it's always the next car, the next outfit, the next lipstick, the next vacation... NEXT NEXT NEXT.

More! More! More!

I am of that society! Constantly driven by our next event at CKc, the next speaking arrangement or private dinner. I'm a planner! Organized to the point of anal retentive. But I like to plan and organize and CONTROL! I've lost count of the number of times my husband has said, "It doesn't need to be perfect" or "You're not the ONLY one in charge".

Yes, I like to run the show! Fact! Hey, I'm a work in progress. Slow and steady wins the race - right?

Anyway... I stare at "Bloom where you are planted" daily because I want so badly to ACCEPT where I am!

Pediatric cancer turned our lives upside down. Our beautiful family was about to welcome two more babies (twin boys) to our already amazing family of Olivia and Cannon. We were ready. I have truly never been happier in my life. Then, Cannon was diagnosed with stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma. I may never get to be as blissfully happy as I was before cancer entered our lives - but, that's okay. 

Life can change in an instant. Ours did! We are changed.

But I'm happy to report that's NOT the end of the story...


I don't accept that.

This is only the beginning.

My husband and me. Our sons. Our daughter. Our dog. Cannonball Kids' cancer...

This is where it started....

Take Away: Bloom Where You Are Planted...

Not when you lose 5 pounds or get the new house, or your family comes to see you... NO! Right now! Today! BLOOM!

Some kids only have today! Do it for THEM!

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