Why? Why?

Written by Michael Wiggins

This is Michael. As you read in Melissa's post yesterday, September is Childhood cancer Awareness Month, and many of you know that we have in past years posted a fact about cancer in children for every day of September. Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation will continue posting facts this year, and our hope is that all who read and follow our efforts and posts will share, forward, re-tweet or copy any or all of them to help us in our efforts to educate about the subject of cancer in children. CKc has 2 primary missions:  educate and fund research. While much of our effort the past year has been in funding four clinical trials for medulloblastoma (brain cancers), rhabdomyosarcoma (bone cancer) and neuroblastoma relapse (nervous system cancer), this month we focus on educating and making as many as we can aware of the devastation to our families and to society as a whole when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

Today, I want to start with a little known, but highly relevant and disturbing fact. Did you know that the incident rate of cancer being diagnosed in children has risen in excess of 30% since 1975? (Source: Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program {seer.cancer.gov}) What does this mean? Can it be true? How?

Yes, it's true. More children are being diagnosed with cancer per 1000 today than were being diagnosed in 1975. Wow. How disheartening (and, frankly, outrageous) to think of all the advances in medicine and technology since the '70s, and yet more children are being diagnosed with cancer today than then.

Why? Why?

Funding of research is the key. We must stop this madness, and with your help, CKc will continue to fund new and innovative clinical trials dedicated solely to cancers found only in children so that someday… someday… cancer will not exist in children.