Every Two Minutes

Written by Michael Wiggins

Today is Monday, and we are fully engaged now in September and Children's cancer Awareness Month. This week, Cannon will take his last dose of chemotherapy contained in the clinical trial drug that he has been taking for the past 2 years. Wednesday will mark the end of his clinical trial, and Cannon, Melissa and I will be in San Francisco to mark the occasion. The Kristen and Buster Posey Foundation has invited Cannon to their fundraising gala on Wednesdayevening to celebrate this feat and to raise funding for research to end cancer in children. More on this coming this week.

The posts in the past few days have touched on the opinion of the medical world and in some of our elected leaders that pediatric cancer is "rare". It is an arguable point, but needless to say it is a viewpoint that presents obstacles to funding of clinical trials to improve therapies for children diagnosed with cancer. I can say from experience that a cancer parent's stomach turns when told that the reason that medical options are limited for children with cancer is because cancer in children is too "rare" and therefore little attention or funding is directed to it. I guess I would say (and have) that "it's only rare when it isn't your child".

Did you know that every 2 minutes somewhere in the world, a child is diagnosed with cancer? That on average, every high school in America has 2 kids that have been diagnosed with a form of cancer and that every year, we lose the equivalent of 4 entire elementary/primary schools of children from death caused by pediatric cancer or its harsh and imprecise treatments? Isn't it time, in this day and age of the highest human, artificial and computer intelligence, that kids' cancer is no more?? Every 2 minutes... not 20, not 2 hours... every 2 minutes a child will start a journey of pain and sickness and suffering that is unjust.

Please help Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation on this mission to change that fact forever.