Posey Family Foundation - San Francisco Gala

Posey Family Foundation - San Francisco Giants Gala

Written by Mumma-Bear

I have serious writer's block about last night, about last chemo, Cannon, the Posey's!!! All of it!!!!

Most important, Cannon is DONE! Yes, more is to come of his life and the scars left by his treatment. But LAST NIGHT, TODAY, TOMORROW I will focus on the fact he will never ever need to swallow another cancer-related pill! That's how we do! I said it before and I will say it again - cancer knocked on the wrong door. Little did it know a fiery Scottish lassy and a fierce American man had a son who was and is a CANNONBALL and boy-oh-boy did he Cannonball Kids' cancer! 

Can I just say this? Kristen Posey is a badass! She will kill me for saying it but she knocked it out of the park last night. Before we even sat down for dinner $450,000 was raised for their foundation!! I mean... you talk about inspiring!!!! I'm proud to know her and proud to call her my friend. 

Kristen spoke to the room about how our book "Thankful For The Fight" was a defining moment in her life, that it changed everything! Buster and Kristen explained this is now their life's work! I was trying to hold back my tears as she was introducing me as a speaker. I could NOT be happier for CKc to stand by their side in this war! 

Kristen wrote me an email over a year ago saying she wanted to do more !!! She wanted to help me change the face of kids' cancer and to stay tuned. Last night was the stay tuned, the people there were the stay tuned, the SF Giants are the stay tuned, the MLB hats with gold ribbons are the stay tuned, the $450,000 before the night started was the stay tuned! Because when my friend says "stay tuned", this is what happens. 

At our table for the night were Buster and Kristen Posey, on our right singer Phillip Phillips and his beautiful wife Hannah (who is an Alabama graduate so there may have been some serious football chat and talk of which game we would meet), on our left was Larry Baer and his beautiful wife Pam, the owners of the San Francisco Giants who constantly made us laugh and cry and offered us their seats for Saturday's game. Dick Vitale and his lovely wife Lorraine blew us away. The V Foundation has raised $18 million for pediatric research. Dick invited us to their big gala that raises around $1million - can't wait! George Bodenheimer, the former President of ESPN, told us of how he was the mailman and made his way up. Incredible!!

Our table laughed all night with moments of gratitude for the night and the goal. We cried over kids lost and the state of pediatric cancer and cherished the night. It truly was so perfect in every way! 

Phillip Phillips performed and if you haven't seen him - go buy tickets now! He is incredible! 

Most of you know I don't enjoy public speaking... I'm a writer!! But when Dick Vitale personally mentions your speech in his, and then George Bodenheimer comes up to you and says "you're a natural", well dang, it made me feel 10 feet tall. Can I tell you a secret? I am NOT a natural! My husband is a rockstar speaker but me? NOPE! I get all wound up inside, sweaty palms and hives, but I guess outwardly none of that shows so everyone is a winner! 

The rest of the week is touring the children's hospital, dinner with their team of oncologists, the Giants game on Saturday and then back to the twins and Granny Bel.

As I type this Kristen is sending me videos of Cannon and her 5 year old twins playing at her house! Thank you mumma for taking care of my boy so we can meet the researchers at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. 

Yesterday was a crazy ride of emotions. I'm definitely in the pink cloud of San Francisco with my two boys and I'm loving and enjoying every single sliver of it!