Watch This...

Written by Michael Wiggins

This is Michael. I won’t write much today. I don’t need to. Our friend, “Tattoo Tom”, will do it for us. Please watch this video of a “TedTalk” by Tom, who unjustly and unnecessarily lost his 17 year old daughter, Shayla, in 2009.

This weekend is CureFest in Washington, D.C., the annual rally to let our Nation’s Capital and our lawmakers know that we Go Gold in September to honor all the kids who bravely fight and have fought cancer, and especially to honor those children so painfully lost to us. Ashley is there to represent CKc while Melissa and I are in San Francisco with Cannon. One of our lobbyists, Megan Malone, is there for us too. And you can bet that Tattoo Tom will be there, too. All of them and more, fighting for our kids with cancer.

Watch please. Take 17 minutes of your day to fully appreciate childhood cancer from someone who knows it as well as anyone in this country. Tom talks truth. Straight up. Unvarnished. No apologies. Reality.

Thanks, Tom. Well done, our brother. Well done. Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation salutes you.

Please help all of us at Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation and all the families of children with cancer fight this fight. Help us raise awareness and honor all the families of those children already lost to children's cancer. Awareness is the only way to start and continue the engine to improve funding for research to develop new therapies and to find a cure to end cancer in children. It can be done. It can… believe it and Stand Up for Children... Stand UP.

Awareness = Research = Cure