Greatest Obstacles

Written by Michael Wiggins

This is Michael. This infographic says it all. Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation (CKc) was founded to address the issues seen here. Why is cancer diagnosed in children more often today and in more children today than 1970? Why is there no cancer early detection testing as standard protocol for babies, infants and small children? Why is relapse of growing cancer cells not preventable in children? Why is not one single form of children's cancer ever been cured?

Answer:  Lack of awareness. Lack of funding in both the private and public sector. Lack of researchers. And, frankly, lack of passion of enough people (needed outrage) to demand that cancer in children be put to an end.

Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation is dedicated to funding research to find and develop less painful and more effective treatments for children with cancer. To find and develop treatments specifically designed for those cancers found only or primarily in children. And to find cures for pediatric forms of cancer. If you are able, please help us by visiting Thank you.

Funding = Research = Cure