Cancer - The Number One Killer By Disease in Children

This is Michael. You have heard us say before that the reason we do what we do at CKc is because for children, cancer is the number one cause of death by disease. Did you know that it is responsible for more deaths than all other diseases combined? Let me say that a different way:  If one were to add up all the children lost to EVERY other disease but cancer in one year’s time, the number would not exceed the number of kids we lose in one year to cancer... pretty shocking, isn’t it? Why then does our government through the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) continue to virtually ignore cancer research for children’s types of cancer by only giving 4% of the federal cancer research budget to those that research children’s forms of cancer? Why? And maybe more hurtful and devastating, why isn’t our society and the public in general more up in arms about the leading cause of death by disease of our children??? I have seen TV shows cancelled and overnight, the amount of calls or emails to the network exceed the number of people attending CureFest or events to raise funding for children’s cancer research. Or, a celebrity says or does something outrageous and the number of TMZ-type website “hits” and Twitter posts exceeds millions, yet children that very evening are suffering from horrific and antiquated chemotherapy administered to them for a type of cancer that the chemo was not approved or developed to treat.

Here is a graph to illustrate the fact for today. (Source: National Vital Statistics Report, vol. 65.2, February 16, 2016 Centers For Disease Control {})

With your help, Cannonball Kid’s cancer Foundation (CKc) will continue to fund research and clinical trials for all the types of cancers found in children so that someday there will be treatments specifically designed for children’s forms of cancer and eventually, we will see a cure to all forms of cancer in children. Thank you to all that support CKc and for all those that continue to help us raise awareness for the suffering of children with cancer. Your help and support honors all of those children and their familes, and especially is in honor of all of our kids unjustly and unnecessarily lost to a form of pediatric cancer. Thank you.