Our Children Deserve More

Written by Michael Wiggins

It is sometimes difficult as a cancer parent, especially during our focus month of September, to watch Cannon laugh and play and continue on his NED journey. We know that as we speak, children are going through a difficult day in stem cell transplant, are nauseaous and vomiting from chemo or are near death because of a secondary cancer developed... all because of inferior treatments for children with cancer, and almost none of them developed specifically for children's forms of cancer. I think daily of those parents that have lost their child to cancer and of those that have in the past week, month or year and those that will in the next few days... all because we have yet as a modern society decided that finding therapies specifically designed for children and ultimately discovering what causes cancer to occur in children is a priority.

I remember back to when I took Olivia to enroll in her first year of college. I felt so grateful to have the opportunity as a cancer parent that so many others have been unjustly denied. And when one of the boys giggles uncontrollably, and there is that feeling of pure joy in your heart for your child, I often think that in so many places there is also a parent with a hole in their heart that will never be healed... caused by the not knowing what causes cancer in children, how to prevent it or how to treat it effectively to eliminate it. All cancer parents have been on pediatric oncology floors and experienced the death of a child on the floor. Melissa and I have seen it, heard it, and watched it at all the different hospitals that we have treated in with Cannon. And it is wrong. Did you know that every single day we lose seven more children to cancer and that is just in the United States? Every day. Without fail. And the number is increasing. Unjust.

Help us try to make a difference at Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation by making a donation today at cannonballkidscancer.org. Your donation goes directly towards funding pediatric cancer research trials. Only research and development through trials and bench to bedside work will stop this madness. We believe we can do it. Thank you for helping us in any way you can.

For ALL the parents who have lived this personal hell, have lost a child unjustly to children's cancer or are battling every day not to, please help raise awareness, please donate blood, please donate time, money and effort to fund children's cancer research so that someday, someday... cancer in children will NEVER exist.