Looking for a way to get involved with the Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation?

Host a Cannonball Kids' cancer club event!

There are 50,000 children currently in cancer treatment today. The idea of the CKc Card Club began as a simple way to raise funds for research but also to put a smile on kids’ faces who are currently battling every day to live. Since its inception two years ago, CKc Card Club events have been hosted in 40 states across the USA and in nine countries worldwide. A CKc Card Club event in Hong Kong raised more than $600! Thousands of dollars have been raised and awareness has been heightened by these fun and simple events, but more importantly, smiles and love have been delivered to children and an empty hospital wall now offers a spot of cheer and inspiration.

Hosting a card club event is easy! Contact our program manager at program.manager@cannonballkidscancer.org and let her know the date, location and if you are hosting the event for a particular group of people (school-wide event, birthday party, pre-school play group, etc.), so we can log your event. Then, just follow the instructions below on this web page.

Make planning simple by using craft items you already have at home or that you can purchase at a Dollar Store. Invite some friends and have fun! Cards don't need to be fancy to express love and hope for these precious children.

It just takes one drop to create a ripple effect, and by hosting a card club event, you are not only creating cards for kids, you are also creating awareness in your community for the need to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Thank you for helping us Cannonball Kids' cancer! Read on for some additional details and answers to frequently asked questions.

Card Club Event attendees are asked to make a $5 donation per family regardless of the size of the family or $5 for individuals. Let your event attendees know the entire donation amount is used to fund pediatric cancer research. You can collect cash or check (Please make checks out to Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation) or have our web site available so donations can be made directly online.

You can provide a small assortment of materials. Some ideas for materials include: cardstock, construction paper, paper plates, crayons, paint, construction paper, markers, stickers, scissors, glue, glitter, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, ribbon, or any other crafty items you wish you have available. Use materials you have around your home or that you can simply buy from a dollar store.

Your event can be as big or small as you feel comfortable organizing. Moms can host play dates and invite friends and their children to make cards for kids fighting cancer. Events can be organized for bible studies, law firms, schools, or any group wanting to take part. You determine who to invite and where to best host your event. CKc Card Club events have been held worldwide!

Sign-Up Sheet:

We would appreciate if you could have a simple sign-up sheet available at your Card Club event. Guests should include their name and email address. We are developing a mailing list for our electronic newsletter and we would love to include you and your guests to receive our informative updates. You can include the filled-out sign-up sheet in the same envelope in which you use to mail us the cards and donations from your event.

Where to Send Donations, Sign-up Sheet and Cards:
Once you have collected the donations and sign-up sheet, and have the cards made and ready to send off, put them in a large envelope and send them to the Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation at P.O. Box 547797, Orlando, Florida, 32854. CKc will take care of distributing the cards to the children.

Social Media:
During your event, be sure to upload photos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to hashtag and tag #cannonballkidscancer and #CKcCardClub

CKc Card Club FAQ

What was the inspiration behind the CKc Card Club?
Our founders spent many months in the hospital and they said of all the gifts they ever received, the cards brought the most joy as they brightened up the room windows and walls. It was for that reason that the Card Club was created.

Where does the $5 donation go?
It goes directly towards funding a pediatric cancer research grant to make better treatments for kids battling cancer so they may not endure the horrific pain or develop secondary cancers associated with their treatment.

Is there a particular message the cards should say?
You can write any nice and motivating message, such as "Hero", "You Can Do It" and "Never, Ever Give Up". If you wish to send your cards to a specific child, please be sure to include their current mailing address so we can forward them properly. 

How do people pay the $5 donation to make the cards?
Whomever is the host can decide. Checks and cash can be collected (checks made out to Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation, or you can have your attendees make their donation directly via the Cannonballkidscancer.org website. Just have a computer (laptop or desktop) or tablet available with the website pulled up and ready to go. Attendees can then click on the Donate button below or on the home page.

Where do we send the cards and donations?
Please send to the Post Office Box below. Regular mail is fine, Priority is not necessary. 

Mailing address: 

Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation
Post Office Box 547797
Orlando, Florida 32854

How exactly do I host a Card Club event?
The great thing about the Card Club is you can truly make the event as small or large as you like. Some examples: People have held Card Club birthday parties where they ask for donations instead of gifts and everyone at the party crafts a card and donates $5. Another person had their Bible study craft cards. One school principal asked everyone in the school to craft cards and donate $5. Neighbors have closed off streets and had a community-wide event to make cards and raise money for cancer research. Moms have hosted play-dates and made cards with their kids. Another family hosted a card club event at their house as a part of their Thanksgiving Day festivities for family and friends. Do whatever suits you and the group you are inviting.

Is this just for families and kids?
The Card Club is for anyone and everyone! Many adults are having Card Club birthday parties and dinner parties with friends where they craft cards. 

Can kids make cards?
Our founder Melissa Wiggins has her young children craft cards often. They paint their hands and print them on paper and scratch words. It's a truly wonderful feeling hosting as a family and involving all of your children, grandchildren, etc. 

Can I host more than one event?
We would be honored for you to host as many as you like! We hope everyone will host at least one a year.

Can you show me an example of a card?
You can see some examples on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter searching the hashtag/tag #CKccardclub. They really can be as simple or fancy as you like. The 50,000 kids in hospitals in the United States today want hope, inspiration, to feel loved and special and that's exactly what you are giving them.

Additional Questions?
Contact melissa.wiggins@cannonballkidscancer.org.