April 2017 - $100,000 Grant To Dr. Gregory Friedman For Immunotherapy Trial For Children's Brain Cancer

ORLANDO, Fla., April 2017 -- CKc granted $100,000 to Dr. Gregory Friedman at University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) to help fund the expansion of a first-of-its-kind virus immunotherapy trial aimed at saving lives and lessening side effects for children fighting brain cancer. The trial expansion will add an additional site at Nationwide Children’s Hospitalin Columbus, OH, making the trial more easily accessible to children and help to reduce travel expenses for some families. The grant will also allow three new children to enroll in the trial, giving them new hope for less toxic treatments and better quality of life. In addition, the grant will provide the ability for UAB to obtain regulatory approvals for opening an additional arm to the study for patients with tumors in the lower part of the brain. The grant was awarded in honor of Julia Cox, from St. Petersburg, Fla., who died in March 2017 at the age of three from neuroblastoma that had spread to her brain and wasn’t treatable.