Guidance Note to The Whipping Childhood cancer Challenge For Cannonball Kids' cancer 

This challenge is super easy and not only raises funds but raises awareness for pediatric cancer. Awareness leads to action and at Cannonball Kids' cancer we are ACTION takers! Join us and let's Cannonball Kids' cancer!

What You Need:

  • Paper plates
  • Pens
  • Whipping cream
  • Towels and wipes
  • Trash bags 

Put holes in the trash bags for arms and head and wear them like a rain cover. This will allow your clothes to not get any cream on them.

On the back of the plate you can write Cannonball Kids' cancer (remember small "c" for cancer - let's show cancer who is boss). 

Everyone should stand in a line facing the camera.

Place the cream on the plate.

Everyone or one elected person should say the following:

“I am supporting childhood cancer awareness and completing the whipping childhood cancer challenge and we will all donate $7 for the number of kids who will die today from childhood cancer to The Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation. We challenge (say 7 names of organizations or individuals). If those challenged don’t do the challenge within 46 hours they must pay $46 each for the number of kids diagnosed with cancer today in the USA.”

Then it's time... put the cream plate on your face!!!

Look around and laugh at everyone!!!

It's fun!!!

To donate the funds raised go to and click the donate now button. 

Please post pictures on Facebook and tag @whippingchildhoodcancer and @cannonballkidscancer. 

This is a great challenge for schools, teams, workplaces, churches, clubs and many more!!!

Together we can Cannonball Kids' cancer!