Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation (CKc) was founded June 14, 2014, by Michael and Melissa Wiggins, parents of Cannon Wiggins. Cannon was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma when he was just 20 months old. During Cannon’s treatment, Michael and Melissa learned that very little time, effort, and funding is devoted to finding cures for children's cancer compared to adult cancers. As a result, children are unnecessarily and unjustly lost. In its first year, through passion and worldwide support, the Foundation achieved $100,000 in donations, which was successfully put towards funding a clinical trial for pediatric brain cancer. 

Did you know that cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease in children under 15? Every day, 43 children will be diagnosed with cancer, almost 16,000 children every year. Every day, at least five children will die from cancer. Pediatric cancer research is grossly underfunded at a government level and it will take years to change that fact (although we are trying!). The best chance for funding research, and finding a cure, rests with charitable individuals who can donate NOW to support CURRENT research projects which will reach children’s bedsides in the NEAR future. 

On April 23, 2016, CKc is hosting its inaugural Gold Gala. Our goal is to raise more than $100,000 in one night to go towards furthering children’s cancer research. This exclusive, ticketed event will feature a Scottish flair (think kilts and bagpipes!), delectable cuisine, fireworks and a sunset butterfly release for the children lost to cancer and those still fighting for their lives.

It is our mission at CKc to find cures for all childhood cancers by funding critical research needed to improve antiquated treatments and eliminate the occurrence of life-threatening side effects and secondary cancers. We hope you will join us April 23 and help us to eradicate children's cancer.