Why Fund Research?

For children diagnosed with cancer, clinical research trials represent a chance. A chance at a cure and a chance to not just survive cancer, but to have thriving futures free from side effects and secondary illnesses brought on by harsh, adult treatments.

Every day a trial is not funded, a child potentially loses that chance.

In the United States, the government spends less than four percent of the annual cancer research budget on pediatric cancers, approximately $185 million. With 50,000 children actively in treatment in the US right now, that 's less than $4,000 spent per child to find a cure. Is that the price you would put on saving a child's life?

The life-saving trials our children need are largely funded by individuals, people like you who donate or get their company to donate to foundations like Cannonball Kids' cancer. By supporting CKc, you are helping contribute to revolutionary research working to save the the lives of children fighting cancer today, childhood cancer survivors, and the generations of tomorrow.